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Black Bear Hunt

Black Bear Hunts. Under $2000 Please contact 1-506-463-8102

                                    Your sitting in your stand its late May the breeze is warm and the flys are buzzing around your head. You have been staring at a bait barrel for the last 4 hrs its the 2nd day of your hunt and its almost dark. You start to think your guide is just putting you on there are no bear in these woods, when it happens. You catch a glimpse of black behind the barrel your adrenaline jumps, as a 400 pound bruiser with a white V materilizes in front of you, (a bait with a dominant bear on it you are not likely to see lesser bear but if you do they will appear skittish),you calmly gather your wits and wait till he is pre occupied with the bait before standing  slowly you take aim behind the front shoulder and squeeze off a shot, the bear rips up the ground on a dead run into the forest and all is silent it is over as fast as it began. A moment later you hear it, the death moan and you know your trophy is not far.



  This would be a typical Bear hunt. Most baits we hunt have been established for over 25 years and we start baiting as soon as the snow leaves ahead of the season opening and daily through out the season. We hunt mainly from Tree stands unless otherwise requested. All shots are under 80yrds for rifle and 25yrds for Archery. Bear hunting is a Evening sport leaving you to relax in the mornings you can fish, get framiler with your ATV or ride around with the guide doing baits in the mornings. For bear you half to sit quietly we recommend using a therma cell unit so the bear won't catch you swatting fly's.

To make this dream a reality Here are some things you need to bring with You.:

1)Firearm sighted at 50 yrds/Bow sighted at 20 yrds.

2) Ammunition/Arrows.

3) Camouflage clothing.

4) Bug suit or a Terma cell unit, we recommend the therma cell there is no net obstructing your view and it does not bother the bears.

5) Rain suit or Umbrella. We recommend the umbrella because they are much quieter.


7)Hunting chair.


9)A solid hunters Orange vest and hat are required in the fall. 

Some other handy things to bring are a fishing pole and ATV. We only hunt bear in the evenings so your mornings are free to relax and sightsee.


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