Macfarlane Sporting Camps

Millville, New Brunswick, Canada

Hunting, Fishing and ATV'ing 1-506-463-8102 est- 1984

Hunting New brunswick

                     Upland game species in New Brunswic consist of Ruffed Grouse, Woodcock, and Snow shoe hare. We hunt upland in many abandon farm areas. A typical hunt would consist of driving to a location and walking the area to flush game. We have a lot of luck in the plentuful wild apple orchards or walking the paths in one of thousands of Irvings pine plantations, We normally use a 12 gauge with moderate chokes for all upland.



                      Waterfowl in New Brunswic Consist of Canada goose, Mallards, Black duck, Wood duck, Golden eye and Teal. We hunt over a decoy spread of Flembeau and Greenhead gear, with a mojo in water and flocked geese decoys spread around as well, the Blinds are from the bank with a boat as our main source of transportation all thow there are plenty of ponds and streams we hunt were all is needed are waders.




                      You can hunt coyotes any time of the year in New brunswic, they are on all licenses except fishing. We kill the most of our coyotes over bait in the winter months, but calling works equally as well year round. For coyote you need a .23cal or less by law. Our breed of coyote in New Brunswick is mixed with grey wolves so they are exceptionaly large.


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